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Class A, Group II  Geto-Dacian Monetary Imitations. Page 23
Modern Forgery
(M216). See  M216+ for another example and a brief discussion. For the record, this one weighs 3.76g.
M237+. Types of Julius Caesar, after 46 BC; cf. Cr-458/1, 3.56g. Both sides stylized; crude but largely accurate reverse CAESAR.
M238. Types of P. Clodius Turrinus, after 42 BC; cf. Cr-494/23, 3.35g. Remarkably "barbarous" obverse, very stylized reverse; blundered, abstract reverse legend. The obverse is really beyond identification, described as Apollo only by association with the reverse of Diana Lucifera.
M239+. Obverse type of P. Clodius Turrinus, reverse type of Julius Caesar, after 42 BC; cf. Cr-494/23 (O) and 458/1 (R), 2.93g. Both sides a bit stylized; accurate reverse legend.
M240. Obverse type of Augustus (?), reverse type of L. Flaminius Chilo (?), after 19 BC (if Augustus); cf. RIC 37a etc. (O) and Cr-302/1 (R), 3.31g. Both sides "barbarous", with blundered legends; the reverse legend perhaps barely recognizable.
M241. Types of Augustus, after 2 BC; cf. RIC 208, 2.80g. Both sides a bit stylized; blundered, recognizable legends.
M242+. Types of L. Sempronius Pitio, after 148 BC; cf. Cr-216/1, 3.51g. Both sides somewhat stylized; no obverse legend other than inappropriate X behind Roma; somewhat blundered, recognizable reverse legend. See 228+ for another example of this obverse die.
M243. Various prototypes, after 144 BC; earliest, cf. Cr-221/1, 4.22g. Both sides quite stylized; no legends.
M244. Obverse type of L. Antestius Gragulus, reverse brockage, after 136 BC; cf. Cr-238/1 (O), 3.11g. Somewhat stylized, blundered Roma. See M2 for another example of this obverse die.
M245. Types of C. Cato, after 123 BC; cf. Cr-274/1, 3.52g. Both sides somewhat stylized, the obverse more so; remnant of accurate reverse legend.
M246. Obverse type of Q. Curtius, reverse type of L. Scipio Asiagenus, after 106 BC; cf Cr-285/2 (O) and 311/1 (R), 3.19g. Both sides a bit stylized; somewhat blundered but recognizable legends.
M247. Obverse type of Q. Thermus, reverse type of P. Laeca, after 103 BC; cf. Cr-319/1 (O) and 301/1 (R), 3.55g. Both sides stylized, obverse facing left; no legends. See M102 for another example of this reverse die.