Class A, Group II  Geto-Dacian Monetary Imitations. Page 1
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M1. Various obverse and reverse prototypes, the earliest reverse being 155 BC;  cf. Cr-199/1 for earliest reverse, 4.33g. Very stylized Roma head and biga, with blundered, illegible reverse legend.
M2. Types of L. Antestius Gragulus, after 136 BC; cf. Cr-238/1; 3.63g. Types correct but quite stylized, legend badly garbled and apparently meaningless. See M244 for another example of this obverse die.
M3*. Types of C. Curiatius Trigeminus (?), after 135 BC; cf. Cr-240/1, 3.04g. Slightly stylized Roma head and biga; blundered obverse legend, badly blundered ROMA on reverse.
M4. Obverse type of Q. Caecillius Metellus, various reverse prototypes, after 130 BC; Chitescu  239 (same obverse die, cf. Cr-256/1 for obverse,  2.64g. Both sides very stylized; blundered, meaningless reverse legend.
M5*. Types of Q. Minucius Rufus (obverse uncertain), after 122 BC; cf. Cr-277/1, 4.41g. Both sides somewhat stylized; somewhat blundered but recognizable reverse legend. See (M5+) for another example of these dies.
M6*. Obverse type of Cr-282, reverse type of Q. Fabius Labeo, after 118 BC; cf. Cr-282 (O) and Cr-273/1 (R), 4.80g serrate. Both sides somewhat stylized; blundered, meaningless reverse legend.
M7. Types of C. Fabius, after 117 BC; cf. Cr-283/1b, 3.91g. Both sides somewhat stylized; blundered, meaningless reverse legend.
M8. Types of Q. Curtius, after 116 BC; cf. Cr-285/2, 3.59g. Both sides quite stylized; no legends.
M9. Types of M. Cipius (?), after  115 BC; cf. Cr-289/1, 4.15g. Both sides quite stylized; no legend other than obverse X.
Found in Romania.
M10*. Various obverse types, reverse type of  L. Philippus, after  113 BC; cf. Cr-293/1 (R), 3.54g. Both sides somewhat stylized; badly blundered and meaningless reverse legend.
M11. Obverse type of P. Nerva, reverse type of C. Cipius, after 113 BC; cf. Cr-292/1 (O) and 289/1 (R), 3.75g. Both sides somewhat stylized; meaningless, abstract reverse legend.
M12*. Types of L. Flamininus Chilio (?), after 109 BC;  cf. Cr-302/1, 3.43g, serrate. Both sides rather stylized; no legend. The identification of Cr-302 as the prototype is uncertain, primarily because that coin is not serrate.