Class A, Group 1b  Geto-Dacian Monetary Copies. Page 5
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C49. Types of C. Naevius Balbus, after 79 BC; cf. Cr-382/1, 4.52g, serrate. Both sides close copies; accurate SC; reverse legend mostly mis-struck, but apparently accurate. Revealed as unofficial by the end of the control number and the very high weight.
C50+. Types of P. Clodius Turrinus, after 42 BC; cf. Cr-494/23, 3.36g. Broken and repaired, with piece missing at top. Both sides close copies; partly blundered, easily recognizable reverse legend.
C48+. Types of C. Poblicius, after 80 BC; cf. Cr-380/1, 3.33g, serrate. Both sides close copies; blundered, meaningless obverse ROMA; blundered, recognizable reverse legend. Oddly, the control letters R (O) and C (R) do not match each other. Reliably said to have been found in Romania, at Sarmizegetusa.
C51+. Types of L. Flaminius Chilo, after 109 BC; cf. Cr-302/1, 3.72g. Both sides a bit stylized; accurate obverse legend; somewhat blundered, recognizable reverse legend.
C52. Types of C. Mamilius Limetanus, after 82 BC; cf. Cr-362/1, 3.15g, serrate. Both sides accurate copies, the obverse perhaps faintly stylized; slightly blundered, largely correct reverse legend.