Class A, Group II  Geto-Dacian Monetary Imitations. Page 2
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M13. Types of P. Laeca?, after 110 BC; cf. Cr-301/1; 3.54g. Barbarous Roma head, X both behind and before; remarkably barbarous and opaque reverse scene, with no legend other than X and large retrograde C.
M14. Types of L. Memmius Galeria, after  106 BC; cf. Cr-313/1, 2.96g, serrate.  Somewhat stylized Saturn head and biga;  legend retrograde and  a bit crude, but essentially correct.
M15*. Various obverse types, reverse type perhaps of L. Memmius Galeria, after 106 BC; cf. Cr-313/1 (R), 4.15g, serrate. Barbarous Roma head, stylized biga; blundered, meaningless reverse legend.
M16. Various obverse types, reverse type of L. Postumius Albinus, after 96 BC; cf. Cr-335/10 (R), 2.96g. Both sides sketchy and stylized; blundered, perhaps barely recognizable reverse legend; X in circle repeated four times on reverse.
M17*. Various obverse types, reverse type of  D. Silanus, after 91 BC; cf. Cr-337/3 (R), 4.44g. Barbarous Roma head, stylized biga, double struck; blundered, barely recognizable reverse legend.
M18*.  Obverse type of D. Silanus, reverse type of L. Calpurnius Piso Caesoninus & Q. Servilius Caepio, quaesters, after 91 BC; cf. Cr-337/3 (O) and 330/1 (R), 3.23g. Roma head and two quaesters quite barbarous; illegible, apparently meaningless reverse legend.
M19. Types of L. Calpurnius Piso Frugi, after 90 BC; cf. Cr-340/1, 4.42g. Stylized Apollo head, very stylized horseman; abstract reverse legend consisting of X's. Cf. Coinsforever #7 (see Links page) for another example of the same dies. The obverse die was apparently reengraved at some point, as that coin shows no trace of a "bun" in Apollo's hair.
M20. Types of  L. Calpurnius Piso Frugi, after 90 BC; cf. Cr-340/1; 3.64g. Very barbarous head of Apollo, barbarous horseman, garbled and  apparently meaningless legends. Possibly debased silver.
M21. Types of C. Vibius Pansa, after 90 BC; cf. Cr-342/4; 3.51g. Stylized head of Apollo, remnants of inappropriate SC behind; reverse sketchy and double struck, with meaningless legends.
M23. Obverse type of Publius Calpurnius or  L. Minucius, reverse type of C. Vibius Pansa, after 90 BC; cf. Cr-247/1 or Cr-248/1 (O) and 342 (R), 3.75g. Barbarous Roma head, seemingly mounted on a stick, with hair like three snakes; reverse slightly stylized but faithful copy, with accurate legends.
M24. Obverse type of C. Vibius Pansa, reverse type of L. Appuleius Saturninus, after 90 BC; cf. Cr-342/4-5 (O) and 317/3 (R), 4.81g. Barbarous Apollo head, stylized "quadriga" with only three horses;  mostly illegible reverse legend.
M22. Types of C. Vibius Pansa, after 90 BC; cf. Cr-342/4, 4.80g. Barbarous Apollo head, barbarous quadriga; abstract, meaningless legends both sides.