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Imitations from a Balkan Hoard 2
M97. Types of Spurius Afranius, after 150 BC; cf. Cr-206/1, 3.04g. Both sides stylized; blundered, barely recognizable reverse legend.
M98. Types of L. Cupiennus (?), after147 BC; cf. Cr-218/1, 4.35g. Both sides stylized, blundered and mis-struck, perhaps barely recognizable reverse legend, accurate ROMA in exergue.
M99. Types of P. Aelius Paetus (?), after 138 BC; cf. Cr-233/1, 3.74g. Both sides stylized; no remaining legends. The suggested prototype is based on general considerations of style and configuration, and is perhaps unduly speculative. Two examples from these dies in the hoard; a third from the same reverse die.
M100. Types of C. Aburius Geminus, after 134 BC; cf. Cr-244/1, 4.51g. Both sides stylized; legends blundered but recognizable, except ROMA in exergue blundered and meaningless.
M 101. Types of Appius Claudius Pulcher et al (?), after 110 BC; cf. Cr-299/1a, 4.34g. Both sides somewhat stylized, reverse double-struck; trace of unreadable reverse legend.
M 102. Types of P. Laeca, after 110 BC; cf. Cr-301/1, 4.21g. Both sides stylized; trace of meaningless obverse legend; blundered and innapropriately placed reverse legend, barely recognizable.
M 103. Types of Lucius Appuleius Saturninus, after 104 BC; cf. Cr-317/3b, 3.18g. Both sides stylized; somewhat blundered reverse legend.
M 104. Obverse type of Lucius Appuleius Saturninus or C. Coelius Caldus, reverse type of Cr-287/1, after 104 BC; cf. Cr-317/3 or 318/1 (O) and 287/1 (R), 3.56g. Both sides stylized; no legends.
M 105. Obverse type of M. Vargunteius, reverse type of Cr-350A/1, after 86 BC; cf. Cr-207/1 (O) and 350A/1 (R), 4.41g. Both sides stylized, the obverse more so; somewhat blundered, recognizable obverse legend, no reverse legend other than wrongly placed control H.
M 106. Obverse type of L. Julius Bursio, reverse type of C. Coelius Caldus (?), after 85 BC; cf. Cr-352/1 (O) and 318/1 (R),  3.26g. Abstract, meaningless reverse legend.
M 107. Obverse type of L. Julius Bursio, reverse type of L. Scipio Asiagenus, after85 BC; cf. Cr-352/1 (O) and 311/1 (R), 3.57g. Both sides stylized; blundered, meaningless reverse legend.
M 108. Types of Mn. Fonteius, after 85 BC; cf. Cr-353/1a, 3.49g. Both sides stylized; no legends other than blundered, recognizable monogram on obverse. Two examples from these dies in the hoard.