Imitations from a Transylvanian Hoard 2
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M136. Various obverse prototypes, reverse type of Q. Antonius Balbus, after 83 BC; cf. Cr-364/1 (R), 4.50g, serrate. Both sides stylized, obverse more so; blundered, meaningless reverse legend.
M137. Types of Pub. Crepusius, after 82 BC; cf. Cr-361/1, 4.37g. Both sides "barbarous"; blundered, meaningless reverse legend.
M138. Types of Pub. Crepusius, after 82 BC; cf. Cr-361/1, 3.22g. Both sides stylized, reverse quite elegant; reverse double struck, with remnants of unclear legend.
M139. Obverse type of M. Caecillius Metellus, reverse type of C. Annius and L. Fabius Hispaniensis, after 82 BC;  cf. Cr-263/1a (O) and 366/1(R), 4.56g. Both sides stylized, quadriga missing 4th horse; abbreviated obverse legend, blundered, meaningless reverse legend.
M140. Various obverse prototypes, reverse type of A. Postumius Albinus, after 81 BC; cf. Cr-372/1 (R), 4.28g. Both sides "barbarous; blundered, recognizable reverse legend.
(M48). Types of C. Naevius Balbus, after 79 BC; cf. Cr-382/1, 3.83g. Both sides "barbarous; no obverse legend other than crude SC; meaningless, nearly abstract reverse legend. Same dies as M48.
M141. Obverse type of C. Naevius Balbus, reverse type of Lucius Appuleius Saturninus (?), after 79 BC; cf. Cr-382/1 (O) and 317/3 (R), 2.54g. Both sides quite "barbarous"; no obverse legend other than crude SC; blundered, meaningless reverse legend. Unusually light and thin.
M142. Obverse type of C. Naevius Balbus, various reverse prototypes, after 79 BC; cf. Cr-382/1 (O), 3.17g, serrate. Obverse "barbarous", reverse quite stylized; no legends.
(H5.) Obverse type of L. Farsuleius Mensor, reverse type of L. Calpurnius Piso Frugi, after 75 BC; cf. Cr-392/1 (O) and 340/1 (R), 4.51g. Obverse transferred from official coin; slightly stylized reverse; accurate obverse legend, with apparent K at end of Mensor resulting from transfer process; blundered, recognizable reverse legend.
M143. Obverse type of M. Baebius Tampilus, reverse type of C. Postumius, after 74 BC; cf. Cr-236/1 (O) and 394/1 (R), 4.00g, serrate. Both sides stylized; blundered, recognizable reverse legend. Overstruck on uncertain type.
M144. Obverse type of M. Cipius (?), reverse type of Lucius Axius Naso, after 71 BC; cf. Cr-289/1 (O) and 400/1 (R), 3.89g. Both sides quite "barbarous"; blundered, perhaps barely recognizable obverse legend; blundered, meaningless reverse legend. Overstruck?
(AL8.) Types of L. Rascius Fabatus(?), after 64 BC; cf. Cr-412/1(?), 3.38g. Both sides remarkably crude and barbarous; perhaps remnants of a meaningless reverse legend. The proposed prototype is little more than a guess.  See AL8  for another example of these dies.