My intention on this page is to provide links to other non-commercial sites which deal directly with ancient imitations of Roman coins. The only exception to this is the VCoins logo. I felt Bill Puetz deserved at least that for hosting this site, but I want to emphasize that Bill did not insist on a link to VCoins, or even ask for one.

At the risk of hurting peoples feelings, I'm going to be quite selective regarding links. I find long, indiscrimate lists of links cumbersome and in some ways counter-productive, so I'm limiting the scope of this page. Everything here I consider to be on-topic, intellectually sound and numismatically coherent; my opinion obviously, for whatever that's worth.

Warren Esty maintains a marvelous site on imitations of Roman coins of all periods:  

The Celator  is North America's only "popular" magazine devoted to ancient coins. It's a must for all collectors; lately, a lot of space has been devoted to ancient imitations. The magazine appears monthly like clockwork; unfortunately, the web site is rarely updated:

Coinsforever offers a valuable repository of good-silver imitations of Roman coins of all periods, with an emphasis on the Republic. The site includes both coins from his collection and links to coins sold by the major European auction houses and other dealers:

Number XLIII/1, 2006, of the venerable Romanian historical journal Apvlvm contains an article by me, a significant (well, lengthy, anyway!) overview of Dacian imitations. This represents my current thinking on the subject:

The inaugural issue of Nemvs, the journal of the Asociatia Cultural Sarmizegetusa, published in Alba Iulia, Romania, contains my article reporting two hoards of Dacian imitations. The coins are already illustrated on this site, but the text of the article is new; anyway, it also contains an mug shot of yours truly:

My article in the second issue of Nemvs, with a different photo. Collect the whole set!