I can't begin to express my thanks to Bill Puetz, the creator of VCoins, for hosting this site, as well as  for graciously answering my innumerable questions. The many remaining technical problems are the result of my own appalling ignorance of all things HTML. And of course, the ideas expressed here are mine.

All coins pictured or described on this site are in the author's collection, except as indicated.

The photos for my article in The Celator were taken by Aaron Berk. The photos of the Rauch Hoard are borrowed with permission from the Rauch online catalogue. All other images were produced by the author, using an Epson scanner, 1200 DPI, 100%. Please ask permission before borrowing images. I'll be happy to grant it for most non-commercial use, but I would like to know beforehand.

Special thanks to David Vagi, for having the foresight to put aside a substantial group of imitations acquired over a number of years in the hopes that someone would study them, and of course, for being willing to sell them to me. Coins from the Vagi Collection are indicated * in the catalogue.

Phil Davis