Class B, Group I
Pannonian, Uninscribed Series
U2. Types of C. Coelius Caldus, after 104 BC; BM-258 (same dies), DLT-1072, cf. Cr-318/1; 4.07g. Very stylized Roma head; stylized horses with "flying" driver, meaningless legend below.
OP1. Types of P. Satrienus, after 77 BC; cf. Cr-388/1, 3.26g. Both sides barbarous, the retrograde reverse especially so;  no obverse legend other than a few random letters; blundered, meaningless reverse legend. Said to have been part of a small hoard found in Carinthia, in Austria near the Hungarian border. The other coins in the hoard are all official Republican issues. Quite different in style and fabric from "normal" Dacian imitations, this piece may actually be Celtic.
Class B, Group III
Other Pannonian
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U1+. Various obverse prototypes, reverse type of M. Lucilius Rufus (per the BM catalogue, but seems uncertain), after 136 BC; BM-252 (same dies), cf. Cr-237/1 (R), 3.03g. Both sides stylized; blundered, meaningless obverse legend.
U3+. Uncertain obverse prototype, reverse type of Q. Thermus, after 103 BC; BM-263 (same dies), cf. Cr-319/1 (R), 3.59g. Both sides "barbarous", obverse Roma especially so; no legends. The apparent trees to either side of the warriors are nicely suggestive of a battle in the forests of Central Europe.