Class A, Group II  Geto-Dacian Monetary Imitations. Page 6
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M61*. Obverse type of C. Servilius, various reverse types, after 57 BC; cf. Cr-423/1 (O), cf. BM-288 for very similar obverse die, perhaps by the same hand, 4.02g. Barbarous Flora head, very stylized biga; blundered, meaningless reverse legend.
M62*. Obverse type of L. Procilius (?), reverse type of L. Cornelius Lentulus & C. Claudius Marcellus, after 49 BC; cf. Cr-379/1 (O) and 445/2 (R), 3.23g, serrate. Both sides quite barbarous; blundered, meaningless obverse legend.
M63. Obverse type of Q. Sicinius & C. Coponius, reverse type of M. Tullius, after 49 BC; cf. Cr-444/1 (O) and 280/1 (R), 3.21g. Both sides barbarous; obverse legend blundered but barely recognizable, reverse legend blundered and meaningless.
M64. Types of C. Considius Paetus, after 46 BC; cf. Cr-465/1b, 3.73g. Both sides somewhat stylized; blundered, perhaps barely recognizable reverse legend.  Would be classified as Copy with better legend.
Found in Dobrudja, Romania.
M65*. Various obverse types, reverse type of C. Considius Paetus (?), after 46 BC; cf. Cr-465/4 (R), 4.66g. Both sides stylized; blundered, perhaps barely recognizable reverse legend.
M66. Types of  P. Clodius Turrinus, after 42 BC; cf. Cr-494/23, 3.28g. Both sides stylized, the obverse of marvelous style; long, apparently meaningless obverse legend, where prototype has no legend at all (see introduction;) reverse legend is correct, but continues with meaningless addition in exergue. I know very few parallels of this creation of legends out of whole cloth.Found in Dobrudja, Romania.
M67. Types of Lucius Appuleius Saturninus, after 104 BC; cf. Cr-317/3, 3.83g. Both sides rather stylized; meaningless obverse legend; blundered but recognizable reverse legend. The attribution of the obverse is not certain.
M68. Obverse type of Cr-350A/2, reverse type of Cn. Domitius Ahenobarbus, after 86 BC; cf. Cr-350A/2 (O) and 285/1 (R), 3.97g. Both sides somewhat stylized; blundered, meaningless reverse legend.
M70. Types of C. Naevius Balbus, after 79 BC, cf. Cr-382/1, 4.83g. Both sides quite stylized; no obverse legend other than crude SC; blundered, meaningless reverse legend.
M71. Types of Ti. Claudius Nero, after 79 BC; cf. Cr-383/1, 3.95g, serrate. Both sides somewhat stylized, with quiver misunderstood as amphora; no obverse legend other than slightly crude SC; blundered, meaningless reverse legend.
M69. Obverse type of L. Marius Capito (?), reverse type of P. Aelius Paetus, after 81 BC; cf. Cr-378/1 (0)   and 233/1 (R), 3.32g, serrate. Obverse quite stylized and crude, with uncertain prototype; reverse slightly stylized; blundered, perhaps barely recognizable obverse legend; abbreviated but unmistakable reverse legend.
M72. Obverse type of C. Hosidius Geta, reverse type of C. Cipius, after 68 BC; cf. Cr-407/2 (O) and 289/1 (R), 3.34g. Very slightly stylized Diana; remarkably barbarous biga, with prow misunderstood as fish; slightly blundered obverse legend; no reverse legend. This wide stylistic disparity between obverse and reverse is quite unusual.