Class C, Group II  Bulgarian
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B1. Obverse type of Sex. Julius Caesar (?), reverse type of L. Titurius Sabinus, after 89 BC; cf. Cr-258/1 (O) and 344/2 (R), 4.29g. Barbarous Roma head, with helmet misinterpreted as hair; barbarous reverse of soldiers and Tarpeia; meaningless, inappropriate obverse legend. The uncertain obverse attribution as Julia 2 is based primarily on the presence of the anchor.
An example of these dies was present in the Ohoden hoard discovered in the Vratsa district of northwest Bulgaria in 1943. It was the only evident imitation among 470 denarii of the 2nd-1st Centuries BC. See Paunov & Prokopov, pl. I, 1. The identification there of the obverse prototype as C. Numitorius, Cr-246/1, is inexplicable; the attribution of the reverse prototype as Q. Thermus, Cr-319/1, is plausible, but I prefer my reading.
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B2. Obverse type of Marcus Calidius or Cn. Fulvius, reverse type of P. Servillius Rullus, after 100 BC; cf. Cr-284/1 (O) and 328/1 (R), 3.38g. Both sides somewhat stylized; no obverse legend other than E behind and X before; blundered, meaningless reverse legend.
Reliably said to have been found in Bulgaria.
B3. Uncertain types, after 142 BC, 3.55g. Both sides remarkably "barbarous" and distinctive; no legends. Base metal, with perhaps a trace of silver.
Reliably said to have been found in Bulgaria; same source as B2.
B4. Uncertain prototypes, after 142 BC, 2.85g. Both sides remarkably "barbarous"; second horseman on reverse quite innovative. Clearly of same origin as B3. Not in author's collection; photo used with permission of CaesarsCoins.
Class C, Group I Serbian
S1+. Obverse type of L. Julius Bursio, reverse type of C. Allius Balla, after 85 BC; Popovic Type B, cf. Cr-352/1 (O) and 336/1 (R), 3.41g. Obverse "barbarous"; reverse stylized and facing left; blundered, perhaps barely recognizable reverse legend. This is the first Serbian imitation I've handled, and only the second known to me outside the Belgrade hoard studied by Petar Popovic (Lanz 48, 41, 5/89 offered an example of Popovic type A.) Popovic's analysis of this hoard, and Balkan imitations in general, is the best brief, English-language study extant.(see my article for further discussion of this hoard.) One of these days or years, I may scan it for inclusion in this site.
B5+. Various obverse prototypes, reverse type of Q. Antonius Balbus, after 83 BC; cf. Cr-364/1 (R), 2.94g.
Both sides stylized; "quadriga" with three horses, facing left; traces of blundered, meaningless legends on both sides. Reliably said to have been found in Bulgaria.