Imitations from a Balkan Hoard 4
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M122. Obverse type of Q. Antonius Balbus, reverse type of Ti. Claudius Nero, after 79 BC; cf. Cr-364/1 (O) and 382/1 (R), 4.05g. Both sides slightly stylized; reverse legend partly off flan but seemingly correct. Would be classified as Copy if the types were properly matched.
M121. Obverse type of C. Norbanus, reverse type of Ti. Claudius Nero, after 79 BC; cf. Cr-357/1 (O) and 383/1 (R), 3.76g. Both sides stylized; blundered, recognizable legends.
H4. Obverse type of L. Sulla, reverse type of L. Papius, after 79 BC; cf. Cr-375/2 (O) and 3.84/1 (R), 2.88g. Classified as A/III, Hybrid.  Obverse transferred from official coin, reverse from new die, slightly stylized. Reverse legend largely off flan, apparently blundered. Two examples from these dies in hoard.
M123. Obverse type of Mn. Fonteius, reverse type of L. Cassius Longinus, after 78 BC; cf. Cr-290/1 (O) and 386/1 (R), 4.26g. Both sides stylized and quite attractive; blundered, recognizable reverse legend. The most visually appealing coin in the hoard.
M124. Obverse type of L. Flamininus Chilo, reverse type of L. Rutillius Flaccus, after 77 BC; cf. Cr-302/1 (O) and 387/1 (R), 4.16g. Both sides stylized; crude OMA on obverse; blundered but recognizable reverse legend.
M125. Obverse type of C. Coelius Caldus, reverse type of L. Postumius, after 74 BC; cf. Cr-318/1 (O) and 394/1 (R), 4.38g. Both sides barbarous; blundered, barely recognizable reverse legend.
M126. Obverse type of Mn. Aquillius, reverse type of C. Coelius Caldus, after 71 BC; cf. Cr-401/1 (O) and 318/1a (R), 3.45g. Both sides barbarous; blundered, meaningless obverse legend; reverse legend mostly off flan, apparently meaningless; inappropriate XX control.
M127. Obverse type of Q. Fufius Calenus & Mucius Cordus (?), reverse type of C. Naevius Balbus, after 70 BC; Chitescu 191 (same dies), cf. Cr-403/1 (O) and 382/1 (R), 3.58g. Obverse barbarous, reverse stylized; blundered, recognizable reverse legend.