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13. Obverse type of C. Annius with L. Fabius Hispaniensis, reverse type of  Q. Titius, after 81 BC; cf. Cr-366/1c, obverse, cf. Cr-341, reverse; 3.70g. Stylized bust of Anna Perenna, scales under chin misinterpreted as XXI; long, apparently meaningless legend behind; slightly stylized Pegasus on reverse. The reverse shows clear signs of being overstruck, possibly on an earlier imitation.
14. Types of C. Naevius Balbus, after 79 BC; cf. Cr-382/1; 3.51g, serrate. Both sides very sketchy; remnants of SC behind Venus' head, no other legend.
15. Obverse  type of C. Naevius Balbus, reverse type of P. Furius Crasipes, after 79 BC; cf. Cr-382/1, obverse, cf. Cr-356/1, reverse; 3.62g. Stylized head of Venus, remnants of SC behind; stylized chair, blundered but recognizable legend below.
16. Types of L. Rutilius Flaccus, after 77 BC; cf. Cr-387/1; 4.18g. Stylized Roma head; stylized Victory in "biga"  with added third horse (not truly a "triga"); rear legs of horses' total five; remnants of correct legend below.
17. Obverse type of L. Calpurnius Piso Frugi, reverse type of  L. Papius, after 79 BC; cf. Cr-340/1, obverse, cf. Cr-384/1, reverse; 3.53g, serrate. Obverse mechanically transferred from known control XXXVI die.  Reverse depicts a stylized Pegasus, possibly double-struck, apparently a misunderstood griffin copied from an original of L. Papius; legend is blundered, but recognizable as that of L. Papius.
18. Types of C. Coelius Caldus, after 104 BC; BM-258 (same dies), DLT-1072, cf. Cr-318/1; 4.07g. Very stylized Roma head; stylized horses with "flying" driver, meaningless legend below.
19. Types of C. Postumius, after 74 BC; Freeman 17/P (same dies), Chitescu 173 (same dies), cf. Cr-394/1; 2.87g. Both sides somewhat stylized, remnants of correct legend on reverse. Unusual surface with droplets and depressions implying casting, but a "wrapped" edge seam more consistent with a plated piece. 
20. Types of C. Poblicius, after 80 BC; cf. Cr-380/1; 2.62g, serrate. Barbarous bust of Roma left, blundered legend before, traces behind; very barbarous Hercules and lion, blundered legend behind.
21. Types of Gar, Ogvl, Ver, after 86 BC; cf. Cr-350A; 4.82g. Somewhat stylized head of Apollo; somewhat stylized quadriga, front legs of horses total four, rear legs seven; meaningless legend below.
22. Types of C. Piso L. Frugi, after 67 BC; cf. Cr-480/1b, cf. Hersh 339; 2.83g. Apollo head in near-official style, degraded symbol behind;  horseman in slightly sketchy style, degraded symbol above, slightly degraded legend below.
23. Types of M. Tullius, after 120 BC; cf. Cr-280/1; 3.54g. Somewhat sketchy, stylized head of Roma, blundered legend behind; sketchy, stylized quadriga left, retrograde but otherwise correct legend below.
24. Obverse type of  L. Cassius Caecianus, reverse type of  Q. Antonius Balbus, after 82 BC; cf. Cr-321/1, obverse, cf. Cr-364/1, reverse; 1.53g. Barbarous bust of Ceres, blundered legend behind; accurate reverse of slightly sketchy style, with correct legend.
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