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1. Types of Q. Antonius Balbus, after 82 BC; cf. Lanz 106, 10 (same dies, serrate), cf. Cr-364/1d; 4.33g. Faithful copy, but not serrate. Reverse horses have six legs in front, eight in back.
2. Types of C. Mamilius Limetanus, after 82 BC; cf. Cr-362/1; 3.29g. Obverse double struck; V under Mercury's chin, no letter behind; otherwise, slightly stylized but faithful copy; poorly engraved but accurate reverse legend.
3. Types of C. Naevius Balbus, after 79 BC; cf. Cr-382/1b; 3.80g, serrate. Head of Venus left, otherwise very faithful copy.
4. Same types; 3.68g, serrate. Head of Venus right, faithful copy, somewhat stylized.
5. Types of P. Satriena, after 77 BC; cf. Cr-388/1b; 3.45g. Close copy, Mars' hair and helmet slightly stylized, reverse legend P. PATRI. Obverse not a match for known control XVI die.
6. Types of L. Antestius Gragulus, after 136 BC; cf. Cr-238/1; 3.63g. Types correct but quite stylized, legend badly garbled and apparently meaningless. 
7. Types of P. Laeca?, after 104 BC?; cf. Cr-301/1; 3.54g. Barbarous Roma head, X both behind and before; remarkably barbarous and opaque reverse scene, with no legend other than X and large retrograde C.
8. Obverse type of Publius Calpurnius or  L. Minucius, reverse type of C. Vibius Pansa, after 90 BC; cf. Cr-247/1 or Cr-248/1, obverse; cf. Cr-342, reverse; 3.75g. Barbarous Roma head, seemingly mounted on a stick, with hair like three snakes; reverse slightly stylized but faithful copy, with accurate legends.
9. Types of C. Vibius Pansa, after 90 BC; cf. Cr-342/4; 3.51g. Stylized head of Apollo, remnants of inappropriate SC behind; reverse sketchy and double struck, with meaningless legends.
10. Types of L. Calpurnius Piso Frugi, after 90 BC; cf. Cr-340/1; 3.64g. Very barbarous head of Apollo, barbarous horseman, garbled and apparently meaningless legends. Possibly debased silver.
11. Obverse type of C. Vibius Pansa?, reverse type of C. Norbanus, after 83 BC; Chitescu 112 (same dies), cf. Chitescu 204 (same obverse die), cf. Cr-342, obverse, cf. Cr-357/1, reverse; 3.45g, Barbarous head of Apollo, meaningless legend before; sketchy but accurate reverse.
12. Obverse type of Pub. Crepusius, reverse type of various moneyers, after 82 BC; cf. Cr-361/1, obverse, cf. Cr-282, reverse; 4.62g, serrate. Somewhat stylized head of Apollo; somewhat stylized warrior in biga, remnants of legend below.
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