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Imitations from an American Collection 2
M170+. Various prototypes, after 194 BC; earliest biga cf. Cr-136/1, 3.22g. Both sides stylized; blundered, meaningless reverse legend.
M171+. Types of C. Junius, after 149 BC; cf. Cr-210/1, 3.78g. Both sides somewhat stylized; blundered, barely recognizable reverse legend.
M172+. Types of Q. Marcius Libo, after 148 BC; cf. Cr-215/1, 3.98g. Both sides somewhat stylized, the reverse a bit more so; accurate obverse legend; blundered, perhaps barely recognizable reverse legend; remnant of ROMA in exergue.
M173+. Obverse type of M. Atilius Saranus, reverse type of C. Terentius Lucanus, after 148 BC; cf. Cr-214/1a (O) and 217/1 (R), 2.97g. Both sides close copies, perhaps faintly stylized; accurate, slightly misunderstood legends both sides. Would be classified as Copy if types properly matched.
M174+. Various obverse prototypes, reverse type of M. Baebius Tampilus, after 137 BC; cf. Cr-236/1 (R), 3.32g. Both sides slightly stylized; slightly blundered ROMA on obverse; blundered, recognizable reverse legend.
M175+. Types of L. Antestius Gragulus, after 136 BC; cf. Cr-238/1, 4.32g. Obverse "barbarous", reverse stylized; blundered, recognizable legends.
M176+. Types of L. Minucius, after 133 BC; cf. Cr-248/1, 3.26g. Both sides somewhat stylized; traces of illegible legend on reverse. Unusually broad (21mm) and thin, perhaps the result of double-striking.
M177+. Types of L. Minucius, after 133 BC; cf. Cr-248/1, 3.76g. Both sides somewhat stylized; blundered, recognizable reverse legend.
M178+. Types of Q. Fabius Labeo (?), after 127 BC; cf. Cr-273/1, 2.45g. Both sides stylized; "quadriga" with three horses; blundered, meaningless legends. The proposed prototype is an educated guess.
M179+. Types of Man. Acilius Balbus (?), after 125 BC; cf. Cr-271/1, 2.20g. Obverse "barbarous", reverse stylized; "quadriga" with two horses but eight rear legs; no legible legends. Proposed prototype based primarily on the apparent remnant of a laurel wreath around Roma's head. Very light and thin; this would be a candidate for "Anomalous Light", if I weren't swearing off such things.
M180+. Obverse type of Cn. Lucretius Trio, reverse type of Cn. Carbo, after 121 BC; cf. Cr-237/1 (O) and 279/1 (R), 4.85g. Both sides somewhat stylized, with somewhat blundered legends.
M181+. Types of P. Laeca, after 110 BC; cf. Cr-301/1, 3.16g. Both sides somewhat stylized, with blundered, meaningless legends.